Post viral fatigue treatment: A holistic approach

The British Medical Journal has recently defined long Covid as a kind of post viral fatigue which occurs in those recovering from the Covid infection. There are currently around 300,000 people in the UK who report symptoms of Covid lasting for more than 1 month, and over 60,000 of the respondents had symptoms after 3 months. 

Post viral fatigue treatment is a concept generating increased research and attention following the Covid pandemic. The term post viral fatigue applies to all forms of physical, emotional, and immune-system exhaustion occurring following a viral infection. 

Before the Covid-19 pandemic, the most common cause of post-viral fatigue was the flu, known for causing extended symptoms of headaches, lymph swelling, and unexplained pain. Now, long Covid fatigue has emerged as a consistent concern for patients recovering from the SARS- COV-2 infection. 

Defining Post viral Fatigue Syndrome

Post viral fatigue syndrome is still poorly understood. Currently researchers have revealed various symptoms associated with post viral fatigue which replicate symptoms of the initial viral infection. For Covid, this may include an extended cough, breathlessness, and muscle pain. In all post-viral fatigue cases, the most common symptom is exhaustion. 

The trigger for post viral fatigue appears to be a reaction of the immune system to the virus itself. Scientists are still not fully sure why post-viral fatigue occurs, but it’s believed that the issue emerges from improper immune reaction to an initial infection, and an increased release of cytokines, prompting inflammation and imbalance in the body. 

Current post viral fatigue treatment aims to address the symptoms of the condition. Post viral fatigue diet and wellness exercises can aid recovery. Most physicians recommend taking over-the-counter pain relief and following a good sleeping schedule. However, this doesn’t cure the fundamental immune system issue. 

Alternatively, medicinal mushrooms could provide a more comprehensive treatment strategy, using adaptogenic components and immune modulation to improve the natural balance of the body, and address the underlying causes of post viral fatigue. 

Medicinal Mushrooms for Post Viral Fatigue Treatment 

Increasingly, post viral fatigue NHS research indicates that the treatment for this condition must be tailored to suit the specific individual. This is particularly crucial in the case of the SARs-CoV-2 virus, which appears to be similar to an endothelial disease, influencing the link between the blood and tissues in the human body. 

Failure to respond to post viral fatigue symptoms deeply affects quality of life of these patients who have to deal with the prolonged symptoms of extreme fatigue, general unwellness, poor sleep, muscle and joint pain, minimal concentration, and even heart palpitations. 

Medicinal mushrooms represent a powerful step in the right direction for post viral fatigue diet and natural treatment. The selection of high quality medicinal mushroom products offer a natural way to enhance energy and mood and, at the same time, modulate the immune system. These beneficial effects that medicinal mushrooms offer are due to their internal active compounds, which can be found in the labels of high quality products. Used in combination, various types of medicinal mushrooms can have a synergistic effect on post viral fatigue and other types of ailments. 

Cordyceps has a long history of being a mushroom of vitality, improving energy levels, endurance and strength. Athletes use Cordyceps to improve exercise performance, because the extracts of these mushrooms can improve the VO2 max, and oxygen use of the body. Improved oxygen usage could be particularly valuable for recovery from a disease like COVID. 

Cordyceps also increases sexual function, memory performance, and the ability to fight against free radicals, aging, and ongoing disease. The components of Cordyceps, like cordycepin,  also allow for the reduction of inflammation. Inflammation is one of the primary causes of post viral fatigue symptoms, meaning that the correct dosing of cordyceps could assist with reducing short-term symptoms too. Modern research shows Cordyceps’ being effective at boosting mechanisms of energy production, lactic acid management, muscular function and cellular oxygenation

Reishi can also improve the body’s response to post viral fatigue. Reishi is an adaptogen, like Cordyceps, with proven antifatigue effects capable of improving the performance of the immune system while balancing the natural homeostasis of the human body. Reishi can also have a positive impact on the gut microbiota, which is highly beneficial for enhancing the connection of the body’s gut-brain axis, as well as protecting for future infections. 

Overcoming Post Viral Fatigue

Post-viral fatigue is an exhausting and frustrating condition for a patient to experience following an infection. Harsh treatments can worsen feelings of fatigue or place the body under increased stress. Medicinal mushrooms, alternatively, offer a natural solution to addressing not just the symptoms of post viral fatigue, but the immune system issues that may prompt future infection issues. 

High quality medicinal mushroom nutraceuticals can enhance the performance of the body and the natural immune system functions we rely on.