Personalized Immune Rejuvenation with Medicinal Mushrooms

Personalized immune rejuvenation is a must to do for the elderly. In the past few years, the world has seen an unprecedentedly high number of older people as a result of improved medical systems, increased life expectancy, and reduced overall mortality. Consequently, new health challenges emerge in the form of increasing incidence of degenerative or non-communicable diseases. Undoubtedly, old age is always interlinked with degeneration of organs. As the body ages, every body system gradually loses its function. This  leads to chronic and degenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson, hypertension, or organ failures.

Immunosenescence is harmful for health

Likewise, advanced age will likely cause immune dysfunction. It is termed immunosenescence, and it involves diminished number of peripheral blood naive cells and increased number of memory cells. The elderly are susceptible to increased risk of infectious disease due to common pathogens. The worsening of immune regulation puts the body at more risk of chronic inflammation or even tumor development. Immunosenescence will cause the person to depend more on antibiotics, antiinflammatory or antiviral medications. These can be quite harmful as they introduce numerous side effects that can affect quality of life.

In older people, improving immune function with means of rejuvenating and restimulating the immune system can reduce the significant medical cost they may require as unnecessary infections can be prevented. Both lifestyle and environment play an important role as immunoadjuvants. They are heavily involved in specific personalized immune rejuvenation that is focused on renewal of immune system function as well as immune resilience. Of course, an appropriate diet cannot be overlooked as well, for healthy substances from natural sources will be essential to rebuild the immune system

Because of it, medicinal mushrooms are sought for their beneficial compounds. These healthy foods help people maintain their health and generate new immune components, while being safe yet delicious. These are quite important as the aging body cannot take too many side effects brought by standard pharmaceutical agents, thus keeping their number at minimum is generally considered ideal.

Medicinal mushrooms for personalized immune rejuvenation

Before rejuvenating the immune system, the immune system itself needs to be healthy. Reishi (Ganoderma lucidum) has been studied for years for its ability to enhance the immune system and return the body functions back into balance. It is also believed that Reishi is able to give a few more years to a person’s life span as an antiaging agent.  Reishi was commonly used in the East to promote the immune system and increase longevity. Antioxidants contained inside Reishi are useful for combating oxidative stresses in human cells. Scientific studies showed that Reishi helps the body produce more protective cytokine IL-10 and lower proinflammatory IL-6 levels. This finding indicates that Reishi can augment the function of both the innate and adaptive immune system.

Other medicinal mushrooms are also known for their immune boosting properties. Chaga mushrooms, for example, are packed with various nutrients and vitamins needed by the body to keep immune homeostasis and generate new immune cells. Besides slowing the aging process, it can support the immune system through regulation of cytokine production and improved cell communications. Another species, Agaricus blazei Murill, also exhibits several immune-enhancing actions. This particular mushroom is rich in bioactive antioxidants and anti carcinogenic substances. An article describes A. blazei ability to suppress tumor growth, inhibit angiogenesis, and stimulate cytokines and leukocyte growth factor production. It can also induce the production of TNF-ɑ, IL-8, and nitric oxide.

There are several available measures to combat immune senescence. Medicinal mushroom supplementation together with a healthy diet provide the nutrients and compounds needed by the body to rejuvenate its immune system. By stronger immunity and regulated homeostasis, the aging process can be slowed down to decelerate the unavoidable degenerative process to the lowest rate. As a result, more aging individuals will be able to experience better health, stay productive, and be happier through their life.