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Oyster Mushroom

Pleurotus ostreatus

What is Pleurotus?

Pleurotus ostreatus (or Oyster mushroom) is a medicinal mushroom of scientific interest for its polysaccharide composition, but also for its significant  content of other bioactive substances such as dietary fibre, enzymes, phenolic compounds and more. This species is one of the most marketed and consumed in cooking along with Shiitake. It is also known as ‘Oyster mushroom’, ‘Orellana’, ‘Belarri landu’ or ‘Píng Gū’.

Four powerful benefits of Pleurotus

Excellent source of dietary fibre

Studies have explored its effects on the immune system and as a prebiotic. It also contains high quality proteins, minerals and vitamins (especially B group), amino acids, fatty acids, and more.

Immune System

Integrative Support


Properties, uses and applications

  • Mushrooms are considered a food of high nutritional value, but it is their high concentration of other bioactive compounds with potent effects, that are studied for their results on various aspects of health. The most concentrated format in which to consume  these substances is an extract, which is most effective as a standardised product, generally found in powder form (often marketed in capsules) or in liquid form. 
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