Inflammatory acne: Treatment with medicinal mushrooms

Acne is a skin condition experienced by most people at some point during their lives. This condition falls into two categories: inflammatory acne, and non-inflammatory. Patients with inflammatory acne struggle with swollen, red, and often painful blemishes, caused by blocked pores.

While acne occurs most often in adolescents, as a result of the hormonal changes happening during puberty, it can also occur as a result of stress, dietary changes, and exposure to various substances, including certain medications.

Though a common condition, many people still seek treatment for inflammatory acne, as it often causes self-esteem issues, discomfort, and pain. Unfortunately, treatment for acne is often limited. Medicinal mushrooms could be the key to comprehensive treatment for acne.

Medicinal Mushrooms for Inflammatory Acne

Many treatments for inflammatory acne focus on reducing the skin inflammation and eliminating dangerous bacteria. Oral antibiotics can help to get bacteria under control in the case of cystic acne, but they only have a temporary effect. Vitamin A and Topical Retinoids can assist with removing dead skin cells and cleaning the pores, but the underlying issues remain the same.

Medicinal mushrooms offer a global approach to inflammatory acne, by addressing both the internal and skin imbalances. Medicinal mushrooms have been a component of holistic health for centuries, but it’s only recently that these natural products have begun to show their potential for skincare and acne treatment.

The bioactive compounds in mushrooms have a variety of benefits for skin health. Medicinal mushrooms are powerful antioxidants, responsible for fighting oxidation which can lead to skin damage. Triterpene molecules, extracted from the Reishi mushroom, have an antiinflammatory effect in the skin, as well as an immunomodulating effect, which helps to reduce the risk of bacterial infection.

Since inflammation is the primary symptom of inflammatory acne, Reishi extract could be the key to keeping this issue under control.

Additionally, the Reishi mushroom also contains polysaccharides, a kind of complex sugar molecules which act on the skin to reduce inflammation and bind to free radicals. Beta-glucans in various kinds of mushroom, including Cordyceps, Reishi, and Shiitake, also help to moisturize the skin as a humectant. These molecules draw moisture to the skin and penetrate deep into the layers of the epidermis to provide a protective barrier.

The Best Medicinal Mushrooms for Inflammatory Acne

Various medicinal mushrooms are currently being researched for their skin benefits. These unique substances have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, but they also support wound healing, hydration, nourishing, and skin brightening. Even better, medicinal mushrooms can provide an internal and external treatment solution for acne.

Shiitake mushroom represents one of the best medicinal mushrooms for the internal treatment of inflammatory acne. The shiitake mushroom contains high amounts of kojic acid, which helps lighten areas of hyperpigmentation, fade scars, and reduce dark spots.

Taking these medicinal mushrooms also provides an increase in minerals and vitamins like Vitamin D, complex B vitamins, and nutrients like L-ergothioneine. This antioxidant assists with cellular breakdown and encourages a faster renewal process for healthy elastin production.

Medicinal mushrooms are also a good source of prebiotics – the substances that help good bacteria to multiply and banish bad bacteria (the source of inflammatory acne).

For external support, topically applied Reishi and Cordyceps mushrooms seem to deliver the best results. The Reishi mushroom has anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, anti-redness, and anti-wrinkle benefits. Applied topically, it can help to improve the hydration of the skin, and lay the groundwork for ceramides, the building blocks for the protective layer of skin which keeps environmental substances out.

There are even soaps available with Ganoderma Lucidum which can regenerate damaged skin and eliminate excess bacteria with regular use. Cordyceps mushrooms, on the other hand, are also an excellent source of antioxidants, and a fantastic tool for hydrating your skin. Cordyceps can boost collagen and has shown promise as a topical treatment for various inflammatory conditions like eczema. Like Reishi, it also has immunomodulating effects, and Cordyceps can even protect the skin from sources of inflammation.

Inside Out Treatment

Medicinal mushrooms are a complete inside-out treatment for inflammatory acne, suitable for reducing skin inflammation, improving the microbiota balance in the body, and fighting free radicals that may promote skin damage.

The right blend of medicinal mushrooms can brighten and repair skin cells as a topical treatment, reducing inflammation directly, and supporting the protective barrier of the skin. Internally, medicinal mushrooms modulate the immune system and protect the body from imbalances that might cause a rise in unhealthy bacteria. What makes this treatment option even more appealing is that medicinal mushrooms are suitable for most people, with virtually no side effects.