Comparison of products on the European market – recommended manufacturers

Food supplements are popping up like mushrooms, the market has become very confusing and therapists and consumers find it difficult to choose.

At first glance, some manufacturers seem surprisingly cheap and others expensive, but if you look a little closer, this impression can be misleading.

We have done the calculations for you and compared several relevant factors:

  • How much does one unit (capsule or millilitre) cost?
  • How much do I pay per day according to the manufacturer’s recommendations?
  • How many daily doses can I get from a bottle?
  • How much does 1 gram of mushroom extract cost me?

Since mushroom products are primarily used for long-term therapy, the effectiveness of the dosage is an important factor, i.e. how many daily doses can I get from one bottle? The better a product is dosed, the less you have to take per day.

The price per gram of pure mushroom extract per product is therefore very significant. From this you can deduce what you are actually paying for.

From the efficacy of the dosage and the price per gram, the price-performance ratio is determined.

In the following overview, we will provide information on food supplements and analyse a comparison of vital mushroom products from common manufacturers available in Europe.

Are you interested in our product comparison? Start reading HERE and discover with us what is important in mushroom products. You can find out more about our quality standards here.

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Depending on the mushroom product and the area of application, it naturally takes different amounts of time for an effect to be noticeable.
It can take anywhere from a few hours (energy booster) to several months (anti-aging). So how long do I have to take a mushroom extract to notice a noticeable effect? Here is a good overview of what happens in the body when Reishi, Cordyceps and Lion’s Mane are taken over a long period of time in PDF format.


end product recommendation is:

Hifas da Terra

At Hifas da Terra, quality and safety meet innovation and sustainability. The whole is simply harmonious.

ManufacturerProduct Overall assessment of IMMA
Hifas da Terra (ES/UK/FR/DE/IT)Mico-Rei Reishi Organic Extract35 de 35
Hawlik (DE)Bio Reishi Extrakt Kapseln24 de 35
Vitall+ (FR)REISHI Biologique23 de 35
Tyroler Glückspilze (AUT)Reishi (Ling Zhi) Flüssigextrakt BIO20 de 35
Sunday Natural (DE)Bio Reishi Extrakt Kapseln19 de 35
Bristol Fungarium (UK)Reishi Tincture18 de 35
Ortho Therapie (AUT)Reishi Extrakt18 de 35
Pilze Wohlrab (DE)Reishi BIO Extraktkapseln17 de 35
Dynveo (FR)Reishi Bio17 de 35
KiKi-Health (UK)Reishi Extract ORGANIC17 de 35
Mushroom4Life (UK)Organic Reishi Mushroom15 de 35
Smaints (DE)Pure Night Flüssigextrakt mit Reishi und Hericium15 de 35
Neovital Health (ES)REISHI NEO13 de 35
Nutrixeal (FR)Reishi Bio12 de 35
Vitaworld (DE)Roter Reishi Extrakt 500 mg 40 % Polysaccharide10 de 35

Hyphae da Terra attaches great importance to quality and safety; the analyses carried out, in addition to the organic certification and the use of own mushroom strains, significantly increase the safety of the product. Another positive aspect is the declaration of other important active ingredients. This ensures a high level of transparency for the consumer. Thanks to the proprietary mushroom strains and the optimised extraction process, very high concentrations of beta-glucan can be achieved. The addition of a natural violet coating for the capsules, supplemented with vitamin C in the capsule, increases the oxidation stability and thus additionally supports the quality of the product. All in all, sensible measures are taken to produce a stable and high-quality product. In addition, the company is strongly committed to environmental protection, sustainability and research. Mushroom biodiversity is supported and preserved through intensive funding of research and conservation work in the mushroom database, new sustainable production methods are researched and implemented, and the potential applications of mushrooms are further explored in own and cooperative projects. The company is a family business with a local connection in an agricultural region in northern Spain.

In the scope of the comparison (due to the availability of all manufacturers) only Reishi extracts were evaluated (except Smaints, as only combined products were available here at the time of testing). The results refer to the information on the web pages (linked in the tables) and, if necessary, to queries to the manufacturer if the information was not obvious or not clear. If questions remained unanswered, they were noted accordingly (n.d.).

IMMA is interested in continuing this product comparison. If you have suggestions for other products and manufacturers, please do not hesitate to send this information to