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Allergic rhinitis in children: natural immunomodulators can help

Allergic rhinitis (hay fever) in children is a common condition, present more often during certain times of the year, when allergens such as pollen, mould, and dust are in excess.

Agaricus Blazei Murill As A Hay Fever Treatment

In the UK, 44% of adults suffer from an allergy. Around half of sufferers have multiple allergies, which accounts for approximately 10 million people [1]. One of the most common

Understanding immune support supplement: much more than activating your defenses

Immune support supplement works as a complement to our immune system. Immunity is a complex system that comprises of several key processes such as activation of macrophages, antigen presentation, and

Mycotherapy: An innovative tool for healthcare practice

Mycotherapy is an integrative healthcare practice that uses plants from the fungus family and their derivatives – or, in simple terms, medicinal mushrooms. This term was coined by researchers at

Reishi Mushroom Benefits Everyone Should Know

Reishi are a unique type of fungi that grows at the base of certain deciduous trees. In Eastern medicine, Reishi mushroom benefits are well-known. Countless traditional and ancestral groups still

Dietary changes that can prevent atrial enlargement

The left atrium is just one of the crucial chambers of the heart, located in the upper half of the heart on the left side (as the name might suggest).