A Guide To Ganoderma Applanatum Health Benefits

Supplements like Ganoderma Applanatum could be the key to tackling a range of health issues for patients from all backgrounds. Yet, until recently, western medicine has largely overlooked the benefit of natural substances such as this.

Traditionally recommended by Japanese and Chinese herbalists for issues like insomnia, Ganoderma Applanatum, otherwise known as the Reishi mushroom, could actually assist people from all backgrounds with a range of health issues.

Ganoderma Applanatum is a fungus that grows in the various humid and hot locations of Asia, and it’s been a staple of Eastern medicine for quite some time, assisting with anorexia, muscle issues and more. Here’s what makes this substance so special.

The Benefits of Ganoderma Applanatum

Within Ganoderma Applanatum, there are various molecules like peptidoglycans, polysaccharides, and triterpenoids. While it’s possible to consume the mushrooms fresh, you can also extract the most valuable molecules into supplements, accessing a higher concentration of the available benefits.

The various molecules in the mushrooms have been tested in animal, cell, and various human studies and scientists have discovered significant benefits, such as:

A boosted immune system:

One of the most important effect  of the Ganoderma Applanatum is an improved immune system. While there is still research to be done here, studies have shown that the fungi can affect the genes in white blood cells.

The result is a strong immune system, capable of fighting off inflammation and infection. Studies have also shown that Reishi mushrooms increase the number of white blood cells in certain patients. The fungus may improve lymphocyte function too, which fights infection.

Aside from assisting with overall wellness and immune system functioning, Ganoderma Applanatum and the Rieshi mushroom can also improve good cholesterol, while reducing triglycerides, therefore improving heart health.

Protection Against Mental Health Issues:

The impact of Ganoderma Applanatum on the immune system and inflammation are often the ones most emphasized in the scientific community. However, many experts agree that there are other advantages too, such as reduced depression and fatigue, improved quality of life, and more.

A study exploring neurasthenia, which includes symptoms like dizziness and irritability found that Ganoderma Applanatum could reduce fatigue and improve wellbeing within 8 weeks. Further study into fatigue and quality of life found that taking a powdered supplement of the substance could improve wellbeing within four weeks.

The study also found that the participants experienced fewer feelings of depression and anxiety. Practitioners with patients searching for natural ways to overcome mental health issues could consider Ganoderma Applanatum supplementation.

Blood sugar control

Various studies indicate that molecules within the Ganoderma mushroom have the potential to reduce blood sugar. Some research into humans suggest that the right supplementation can lead to better blood sugar control. However, additional research is needed here.

Many experts believe that improved management of blood sugar could help to reduce the threat of diabetes, even for patients who have issues with their weight.

Additionally, the right supplementation with medicinal mushrooms could also assist with improving levels of satiety in patients, and therefore reducing the risk of obesity that might lead to further blood sugar problems.

Antioxidant Management

Many practitioners fully recognize the impact of antioxidants on wellness for patients from all backgrounds. These molecules provide extra support to the cells and prevent unnecessary damage. There is substantial interest already in supplements and foods that can improve antioxidant status for today’s patients.

Many experts believe that Ganoderma Applanatum is effective in this purpose, and several studies have found no change in the levels of two important enzymes in the blood when consuming the fungus for around four weeks at a time. Extra study may be needed here.

Recommended Dosage for Ganoderma Applanatum

Choosing the correct dosage for supplementation can be difficult, as the dose will often depend on the goals of the treatment, and the individual in question. The Reishi mushroom dosage, or the dosage for Ganoderma Applanatum can vary depending on the kind of substance used, and whether you’re using supplemental pills or powder.

It is much easier to control dosage and deliver the right benefits when supplements rather than raw mushrooms are used in this case. Most professionals will benefit from recommending a small, concentrated amount of the Ganoderma Applanatum extract in supplemental pill or powder form. From there, it’s possible to measure the patients’ response to the supplement and increase or decrease quantities based on that.

In some cases, it may be possible to enhance the potential outcomes of supplemental Ganoderma Applanatum by adding additional supplements into the routine, such as vitamin C. However, the full requirement for each individual patient will require a personalized assessment.