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Mycomedicine Association

Integrative Mycomedicine Association (IMMA) is the Leading International Association of Experts in the field of integrative Mycomedicine (or Mycotherapy). 

Leading International Association of Experts

IMMA was created to provide health professionals with a resource for the most detailed, current information and scientific evidence on the use of medicinal mushrooms for human health and wellbeing.

IMMA offers scientifically rigorous educational resources on the main medicinal mushrooms and the conditions and diseases in which there is evidence of their effectiveness as well as relevant information on integrative medicine.

IMMA provides information on the following:

What makes a good Mycotherapy product?

How to choose the best product? IMMA criteria and recommendations

European organic certification

Quality certifications

GMP certificate of pharmaceutical excellence, gluten free, lactose free, vegan, etc.

360° product traceability

Including analytical controls of raw materials and finished products which guarantee no toxin or heavy metal contamination

Maximum concentration of active mushroom biomolecules

Such as beta-glucans and terpenes; standardised levels of mushroom-specific bioactive compounds; composition and quantity of active compounds stated on the packaging

100% pure products

Not mixed with artificial ingredients or fillers

Bioavailable active ingredients

No microgranules or tablets

Scientific evidence

Clinical trials, scientific studies, etc.

100% plant-based capsules

Made from cellulose, purified water and, if used, natural plant based colours such as carrot concentrate, 100% recyclable glass packaging

Course of Mycotherapy Expert

After completing this course designed for health professionals, you will be prepared to apply Mycotherapy in the prevention and support of more than 50 conditions and symptoms from an integrative health approach.  

You will acquire the knowledge you need via an innovative, fast and responsive e-learning platform.

Made in Europe

The IMMA works in different European languages to consolidate the knowledge and possibilities of Mycotherapy in Europe.

A large part of the data on application possibilities and results still comes from Asia, where Mycotherapy and the use of mushrooms for health-promoting purposes has a high and traditional status.

Interactive and multimedia on-line course

This interactive and multimedia course is offered on-line on IMMA’s e-learning platform, which facilitates learning in a didactic, stimulating and enjoyable way for you.

The format of the course is designed for flexibility, so you can choose the most suitable time and place to study.

The course consists of short practical ‘Sprints’, designed to offer easy-to-understand training so you can apply the Mycotherapy knowledge in your practice as soon as you have completed the course.

*Discover cutting-edge personalised myco-medicine that will change the lives of your patients/clients with medicinal mushroom extract formulas. Scientifically proven to be safe and effective. 

Medicinal Mushrooms

Discover more about a selection of the most important and studied Medicinal Mushrooms, as fascinating factories of bioactive substances with a great beneficial impact on human health. 

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